(From Diocese of Winona Rochester/National Revival)

These Strategic Pillars come from the National Eucharistic Revival, and as a diocese we will be implementing outreach that meets all 5 pillars (listed in bold print):

Foster encounters with Jesus through kerygmatic proclamation and experiences of Eucharistic devotion.  The Diocese of Rockville Centre will provide ways to experience our Eucharistic Lord in each deanery throughout the Diocesan Year (Phase One).

Contemplate and proclaim the doctrine of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist through the Truth of our teaching, Beauty of our worship, and Goodness of our accompaniment of persons in poverty and those who are vulnerable.  We will work with Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul, etc. to live out our Baptismal call to be Eucharistic people to the peripheries.

Empower grassroots creativity by partnering with movements, apostolates, parishes, and educational institutions.  Highlighting activities already happening in our parish, we will make them more accessible and known to all.

Reach the smallest unit: parish small groups and families.  The Diocese of Rockville Centre seeks to empower parishes as we enter the Parish Year in Phase Two.

Embrace and learn from the various rich intercultural Eucharistic traditions.  By tapping into our wider Diocesan community, we will listen and learn from current Eucharistic practices from various cultures and demographics.